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Once at the top of the stairs she looked at me silently and she slapped me over the face: "You are too slow!" She went to the room of the youngest sister and she came back with a crop.At this time we were spending a week-end at my parents in law house on the seaside.We were only 4 as all the sisters were having fun somewhere else!" "Yes Madam." "Open you mouth" she said while putting the funnel inside. It was much sourer than the piss of my wife and the flow was huge and quick. She leant forward and I received another strong slap on the same cheek: "When I use a toilet I don't want to hear any noise." I was worrying as the warning was very easy to get!

It was an agreement with the girls: they have to clean this bathroom themselves every week but my husband cannot use it. This morning before leaving Laura came here and prepared your breakfast!Suddenly she leant forward and she slapped me over the face: "I saw you staring at mom's feet you little shit!" I tried to answer but she put her heel inside my mouth filling it with sands.On the Saturday afternoon we were all coming back from a walk along the sea. My wife came just after me and asked me to lie down on the floor.When I entered the house behind my mother in law Nancy I noticed that she was removing her shoes. As I was staring at her feet I saw her yellow sole and, above all, the grimy inner soles of her shoes! She began to wipe the soles of her boot on my face.

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