Complaints against great expectations dating service

The whole process dealing with this group was horrible.

I don't know what the instruction and testing methods are like for other courses but the ones I took were unbelievably long and they utilize some idiotic video voices to read the text of the lesson pages.

All this happens while his wife still works at the company.

This company also has major fines and lawsuits against them as well for not reporting their students on time.

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They don't care much about anything and have made a total ### out of the illiterate Ed Sattar, by the way, his name is Adnan Sattar, Ed is the Angelical version of it. This is the most unethical company anyone can ever work for or take a course at.

The company has major technology/content issues and whenever a customer calls in about an issue, instead of trying to fix the issue, its a common practice to just give the customer the final certificate showing that they have passed the course.

My manager had asked me to log in and take courses (OSHA 10 hour) on behalf of students because the students didnt complete the entire course.

This is a common practice not just for OSHA but also for Healthcare and Real Estate courses.

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It was like they had one guy working on everyone's stuff at the same time. They are outdated and most of them are not even accredited to the latest licenses being offered.

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