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Sexting can be a crime, depending on the age of the people sexting and whether the pictures would be considered ‘offensive’ or ‘indecent’ by a court.It is a crime if you make, send out, or have an ‘offensive’ picture of someone under the age of 18 (including yourself) who is: The law calls these images ‘child abuse material’, or more commonly, child pornography.As technology affords us more and more independence, it’s hard for mobile users to resist the most naked expression of technological freedom: sexting.Some studies claim that nearly 40% of all teenagers have posted or sent sexy texts, while 22% of teen girls and 18% of teen guys have sent semi-nude or nude photos.These laws even apply to images of young people who look like they are under the age of 18.Anyone who sends, receives or even asks for a naked or sexual image of a person who is or appears to be under the age of 18 is at risk of committing a crime and of being charged.

(Other messaging apps that have adopted this innovative self-destructing messaging technology include Wickr, Cyber Dust, and Yobo.)Remember when you were a kid and you and your neighbor would communicate using two cups connected by a string?

If someone were to connect a third cup to the middle of that string, then they could force their way into your private conversation.

Wire tappers can do this exact same thing with mobile communication lines.

Sharing nude photos without consent is considered sexual harassment and is punishable by law.

And if minors are involved, the consequences can be much worse. (And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of other problems with sexting like other legalities of sexting or the emotional consequences of sexting.)You intended your sexy texts for the eyes of your boyfriend alone.

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(It’s even harder to hide if your hackers are your friends.)Phones are programmed to automatically upload pictures to the cloud as soon as they’re snapped.

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