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I'm a native Floridian, but moved to Georgia a few years ago and am currently attending university for a double major of Spanish and Criminal Justice.

My fiance and I graduate college in December and we're planning on thru hiking the Appalachian Trail starting in March 2018 with our two dogs, a Siberian Husky named Zara, and a terrier mix named Leo.

I saw the Katahdin, Maine mileage sign and knew that I had to complete a thru-hike one of these days.

To top it off, once we got to the spring, I drank the cool, clean mountain water and must have been bitten by the hiking bug.

An Appalachian Trail thru-hike has been on my mind for many years.

Cheryl, my wife of nearly 30 years, and I have spent years talking about and planning for my walk for 2018. The kids are grown (though not fully independent quite yet), the house is sold and the career that supported my family well but never fulfilled me is soon to be in the past.

Shiny hair is my life's ambition and I'm ashamed of what I've done for a Klondike bar. Lover of the mountains, dogs, physiology, and old books; happiest when outside. I currently live in Cyprus where I represent the United States as a Foreign Service Officer (diplomat) at our embassy in the capital city.

Have you ever tried spreading cold butter on toast? I'm a quirky and complex mess with an unrequited love for anything dairy.

If you want to get to know me better, I encourage you to visit my website- When not planning a hike, I'm training for ultramarathons or traveling to new places.

Follow my AT experience here on The Trek and on my personal blog, Fit For Hey y'all!

Over the past three years, I've spent most of my time road-tripping around the United States—focused on visiting National Parks/Forests.

Favorite National Park & Sea-Shore: Glacier Lake National Park and Padre Island National Sea-Shore.

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