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In fact, one of the most effective networking methods only requires writing four emails every year.

For the past eight years, I’ve sent quarterly personal updates.

This is , and the people reading it care about you and want to help you! No one likes a braggart (or a humblebragger), so lay off the overenthusiastic tone. The vibe should be personal, and it should personal, but that doesn’t mean you don’t pick up all the socks and underwear you had lying all over the floor beforehand.6. Ben Bechar’s work modeling and quantifying networks suggests that developing more connections between people in your network strengthens the overall community. As Becher explains, “the more you make yourself a bridge builder for others, the more they will value their relationship [with] you in return.” The more connected your readers are with each other, the more likely your update is talked about or brought up with someone who didn’t open it.

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, or looking for tips for your trip to Peru, don’t be shy about asking for help, advice, ideas, or connections. I’ve found that it’s really important to keep it real when writing updates. Your first few updates might feel awkward, and that’s okay. All you’re really doing is conversing with people you already know. Ask a question or bring up a topic, then start a smaller thread with the people to weigh in.

Just like on Facebook, people like seeing pictures of their friends!

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It’s true that maintaining these connections takes work, and many of us only put in the effort when we need something from our contacts—namely when we’re looking for a job.

The good news is that you don’t actually have to work that hard to keep your network alive.

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One of my closest friends is an early-stage startup founder, and I hadn’t realized the seed round of funding he’s been working on for months had closed until I read his update. If you’re intrigued enough to give this networking method a try, here’s what to do:1. But if you’re worried about overloading people’s inboxes, a biannual schedule might be better.2. This means setting a few ground rules to make sure you’re only contacting people who you actually care about and are valuable to you.

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